Malibu has given me a spectacular childhood, a proud career, and I am now raising my own family here.  Malibu has given me everything I have. Now I want the opportunity to give back to my community. I owe that to myself and to my children.

What 3 words best describe you?

Hard-working, Knowledgeable, Committed.


Do you have any prior public service experience? What is it, and how will you draw on this if elected?

I have been involved in bettering Malibu since I was in middle school at Malibu High, when I was elected “Mayor for a Day” by my peers. I spent that day at the old City Hall, meeting staff and learning firsthand how the City functions. At the end of that day, I helped then-Mayor Ken Kearsely run a City Council meeting, after which I was so inspired that I vowed to run for office in Malibu as soon as I was in the position to have enough experience, knowledge and time to give my 200% commitment. That time has finally come!

I possess a very unique skill set unheld by any other candidate in the history of our cityhood: I have experienced and observed Malibu through the eyes of a lifelong resident, of a journalist and editor of our local newspaper, and of a city employee. Each position I have held has helped prepare me to lead our city with a perspective and level of mindfulness that includes residents of ALL ages, in ALL neighborhoods.

My role as the City’s Media Information Officer encompassed much more than working with the City Council. I was out in “the field” very often, interviewing our elderly residents at their homes for a series called “Voices of Malibu,” interviewing and teaching our kids at Point Dume Elementary about environmental conservation, and showcasing Malibu High School’s football team and cheerleaders during Homecoming. I was very rarely on camera in order to show residents that my role at the city is not about me, but about how I can best serve THEM.

Should the City of Malibu promote the arts/culture?  If yes, how?

Absolutely!  And with the new properties, we have a great opportunity to have a Cultural Arts Center that would rival the best.  It should include facilities for drama, dance, art, and film. It’s a terrific opportunity to make Malibu a cultural center.

How can City Hall be used serve the public?

I have always believed that the Council Chambers (theater) should be made more available to the public, especially non-profits, for performances, meetings and community events.  

What do you think the City of Malibu should do with the properties it has acquired, such as bLUFFS pARK, sYCAMORE VILLAGE, lEGACY pARK, tRANCAS, HEATHERCLIFF ROAD?

IMG_6478 (1).JPG

My answer on all these properties is the same. These properties are being bought and paid for by our residents tax-dollars.  It’s incumbent on the City Council to hold extensive outreach workshops and find out what the community wants and needs.