Dedicated to protecting Malibu by putting residents' interests first. 




Olivia is Malibu-centric. She was born and raised in central Malibu, where her parents still reside. She attended our local schools (MJC&S, Webster Elementary, Malibu High School) and now lives here with her husband and three children. 

Olivia has a lifelong history of service to Malibu:
• Because of her community activism, she was elected Honorary Mayor of Malibu by her high school peers
• She went on to work as staff writer and assistant editor for The Malibu Times newspaper for three years, covering Malibu politics, schools, business and environmental issues
• After receiving her Master's degree from Columbia University in New York City, she returned to Malibu and accepted the position of the City's Media Information Officer

Olivia understands the unique problems facing both rural west Malibu and the more suburban east Malibu. Her wide range of experience gives her the ability to solve those problems.

Campaign Platform

The Mountains Recreation Conservation Authority (MRCA)

• Prevent the MRCA from illegally accessing public trails and beaches through private, residential roads in neighborhoods
• Insist that the MRCA adhere to its mandate to supervise and maintain the property that it claims it wants to protect

• Ensure that the MRCA abides by the same rules that apply to the residents of Malibu
• Support public trails and the public’s right to enjoy public beaches so long as they do not usurp private property rights

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

• Protect Malibu residents from FEMA's calamitous plan to destroy property values

• Require FEMA to work with local Malibu coastal engineers and Malibu consultants to achieve a plan that is based on scientific evidence, not broad- brushed supposition

• Direct city staff to fight for the rights of Malibu citizens, not be bullied by outside agencies

Rehabilitation Facilities

• Defend against monied interests turning our residential neighborhoods into hospital zones
• Continue Council member Lou La Monte's work with Sacramento to enforce our zoning ordinances and make sure they are respected

Vacation Rentals

• Put strict restrictions on all short term rentals
• Fashion an ordinance that holds owners responsible for tenants' behavior
• Owners must either live on the property or be immediately available to respond to complaints
• If owners do not respond within two hours, the Sheriff will be instructed to shut the facility down immediately
•After two failures to meet their responsibility, owners will be banned from providing short term rentals

Amenities & Recreation

For the first time in the history of our city, there is an opportunity to have additional ballfields, a skateboard park, a community swimming pool, a cultural arts center, a movie theater and additional open space. Olivia will hold public hearings to decide the best use of its newly acquired land. In the end, the residents should decide what they need, not the City Council.


High-density commercial development threatens our environment, and huge houses built on small lots are changing our neighborhoods' character. Olivia will review our development standards and policies, and where it is legally defensible, minimize the effects of such development.

Olivia also believes that commercial development, where permitted, should serve the Malibu community first. We need more cultural resources and a movie theater, and fewer ridiculously expensive t-shirt shops.

Malibu Schools

Olivia is the only candidate who currently has children in Malibu schools, and will for the next 18 years. She strongly believes we must separate from the Santa Monica school district for the sake of both school communities. With local control, we can meet the unique needs of our community.

PCH used to be a nightmare during rush hour and beach days, now PCH is a nightmare 24/7. It's time for people to stop saying we can't do anything about it. Olivia says "YES WE CAN." She will reprioritize our budget to hire extra law enforcement.

Olivia will also address the traffic dangers of bicyclists that engage in reckless conduct on the highway. And finally, she will work with Caltrans to bring state-of- the-art technology to track the flow of traffic and time the lights accordingly, especially at the Topanga Canyon intersection.


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